UWC Exams Result 2024

The UWC Student Result Portal was created to make it simple for existing and prospective students of the institution to sign up/sign in for an account, log in, and complete specific academic duties.

UWC Student Result Portal

The UWC, UWC Student Gateway is an easy-to-use online interface for completing certain academic activities for both new and returning students.

Student Result Portal-related questions like “I want to use the UWC Student Result Portal, how to connect to the Student Result Portal, gimpa.edu.gh student login, how to reset portal password or user ID” are frequently asked by UWC  students.

You may log into the UWC Student Result Portal easily and quickly by following the steps in this page.

How to Access or Login to the UWC Student Result Portal

▸ Open your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

▸ Kindly visit the UWC , UWC Student Result Portal link: https://student.uwc.ac.za/default.aspx?screen=WR010

▸ Enter your User ID as your Student Number and your Password as National

▸ Upon successful login, you will be directed to your homepage.

▸ Click the items as shown on your homepage or dashboard to monitor both your academic and fee payment progression at any point in time.


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