What To Avoid When Dealing With Recruiters

When looking for a job, recruiters are the people that stand between you and employment. If you make it easier for the recruiter, you make it easier for yourself to get hired. We have tip on what to avoid when dealing with recruiters.

Job hunting is not an easy process, it can be stressful and could take a lot longer than you expect. Dealing with recruiters is one steps before getting hired.

A recruiter is the middle man between you and your possible future employer, it a very important stage in getting employed, and the easier you make it for the recruiter the more likely you are get hired.

These are eight things to avoid when dealing with a recruiter

  1. Applying for jobs you have no experience in – When doing this means you could be unsure of what you are applying for and it makes it harder for you to get hired.
  2. Incessantly calling the recruiter – though a follow-up phone call is necessary, recruiters often have to wait for information from their clients so constantly phoning them only make is harder for them to assist you.
  3. Leaving out your contact details – this makes it very hard for recruiters to get hold of you.
  4. Leaving out duties and responsibilities – this makes it harder to understand the kind of experience you have, lessening the chances of getting hired.
  5. Leaving out contact information of references – if they can’t contact your references they cannot complete the screening process, making you a risk to hire.
  6. Reason for leaving – this is needed for recruiters to get a sense of your work ethic.
  7. Don’t be rude – this makes you seem unprofessional and hard to wok with
  8. Is your CV up to date? – keeping your CV up to date is essential to the recruiter as it makes it easier for them to consider you as an employee.

Keeping up with the above, making it easier for recruiters to consider you and will increase you chances of gaining employment. The easier it is for the recruiter to the quicker you can get hired.

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