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SUN Courses and Requirements


List of Courses offered at University of Stellenbosch (SUN)

University of Stellenbosch (SUN) list of courses or programmes Offered is here as well as leadership, part-time and skills programmes. They also offer E-Learning and Student Support Services.

All candidates that have an interest in studying in the Institution are to take note is these courses:

List of Courses/programmes Offered At University of Stellenbosch (SUN)


​​​​​The Department of Biochemistry at Stellenbosch University offers undergraduate courses, as well as postgraduate programmes. To find out more select one of the following options:

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​Undergraduate     ​

​​Two second year en four third year modules ​form part of various programmes in Biological, Physical and Mathematical Sciences. For admission to the postgraduate programme all six modules are required. Further module-specific information is available here.


​​​The postgraduate programmes offered at our department are honours (BSc Hons), masters(MSc) and doctorate (PhD) degrees.​ Further information is available here​.


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