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SASSA Launches New Online Booking System For Grants 2021


SASSA Launches New Online Booking System For Grants 2021.

SASSA has implemented a new online booking service to cutdown on long lines and time, while adhering to Coivd-19 protocols. The online booking system is available now on a platform called GovChat, ready to assist you.

SASSA is launching a new online booking system for disability grant medical assessments in the Western Cape.

On an online platform called GovChat, people are now able to book a medical assessment and not have to stand in lines anymore.

Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, explains:

The online booking will also address challenges associated with long queues at local offices and ensure that SASSA complies with COVID-19 regulations.

It is only implemented in the Western Cape so far as they hold the highest number of grant holders in the South Africa, and it would be a great benefit to them.

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With this online booking system SASSA’s aims to improve its services through the efficient use of digital technology, and hopefully significantly cutdown on the amount of time and cost savings for both SASSA and the grant applicants.

You can access the online booking portal here.

From there you will see the list of requirements necessary to receive the grant.

If you meet the requirement you can join GovChat and create a profile, in order to book your medical assessment with SASSA.

According to Minister Zulu, up to 25 full-time staff members are being trained to manage this pilot scheme and are ready assist you.

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“I don’t want to see hundreds of thousands of people standing in queues, hence the reason why we launched this online application – because it means people can be able to apply from home,” says, Minister Zulu.


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