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SASSA Is Set for R350 Grant Appeals & Payments 2021


SASSA Is Set for R350 Grant Appeals & Payments 2021

Check Your SASSA R350 Grant Status Online? Are you going to get paid by a grant by Sassa? When will they be paying you? The good news is that the Sassa online status check is live so you can find out the progress of your Sassa Covid-19 SRD grant by looking on the website yourself.

Do you know if your application for social relief of distress grant was successful and when you will be paid? The R350 grant is very important to people who are without an income and suffering because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

SASSA has now said that there were delays with the appeals process for the Special Relief of Distress grant but they are now processing these appeals and payments for the R350 grant. Appeals for the SRD grant will come to an end this month.

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Some clients who were declined and appealed might also have payments owed to them from October and SASSA is in the process of clearing these payments.

SASSA aims to clear the process between April and May.

April is the last month for applications and appeals to be done for the R350 Covid grant.

During an interview with Newzroom Afrika, SASSA’s CEO, Totsie Memela said:

On issues that are related to appeals, they have been receiving attention because it would be people who were declined since we found them on different databases.

SASSA also takes that appeal and goes to the bank to make sure there is no income being paid in any bank account that would verify that. This is SASSA’s way of proving that the person does not have income coming from anywhere else.

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Appeals come from individuals who have applied but were declined and believe that they were declined on an unfair basis. They would then have to give SASSA evidence on where they stand financially.

Delays with appeals are due to SASSA having to restart the process of contacting banks, explained Memela.

Once your appeal has been approved, you will then receive payments from the month you lodged the appeal as SASSA would be validating it every month.

Clients are encouraged to use their own bank accounts when applying to the R350 grant.

The social relief of distress (SRD) grant will be terminated on 30 April following it’s three month extension. The appeals process is due to come to an end on 30 April as well.

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