List of Programs Offered at Rift Valley University

The Official List of Programs Offered at Rift Valley University | Rift Valley University Programs offered for admission. This is the list of available Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Diploma and certificate courses/programmes offered at the institution.

Rift Valley University College

Are you looking for the list of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program available at the Rift Valley University? The following is the list of available Postgraduate (PGD, Masters and P.hD), Undergraduate, Certificate, Diploma courses/programmes offered at Rift Valley University, Ethiopia that has gained accreditation.

Rift Valley University Programmes Offered

There are several Program offered at Rift Valley University. After going through the under-listed available Program, you can check the Admission Entry Requirements Here.


  1. Business and Social Sciences Faculty
    Undergraduate Program
           >>Accounting and Finance
          >> Business Management
            >>Marketing Management
             >>Global Studies
            >>Human Resource Management & Leadership
  2. Health Sciences Faculty
    Undergraduate Program
             >>Medical Laboratory
             >>Public Health
  3. Technology and Engineering Faculty
    Undergraduate Program
             >>Civil Engineering
             >>Survey Engineering
             >>Mechanical Engineering
             >>Computer Science
             >>Construction Technology Management


  1. College of Open and Distance Education
    Undergraduate Program
             >>Accounting and Finance
             >>Business Management
             >>Marketing Management
             >>Rural Development & Agricultural Extension
             >>Sociology & Social Anthology
             >>Cooperative Business Management
             >>Cooperative Accounting & Auditing



  1. Business and Social Sciences Faculty
Graduate Program
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Marketing Management
  • Development Economics
  • Sociology
  •  Project Management
  • Regional & Local Development Studies



  1. Health Sciences Faculty

Graduate Program
  • Public Health(MPH)

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