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List of Programs Offered at Mekelle University


The Official List of Programs Offered at Mekelle University | Mekelle University Programs offered for admission. This is the list of available Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Diploma and certificate courses/programmes offered at the institution.

Mekelle University Program
Are you looking for the list of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program available at the Mekelle University? The following is the list of available Postgraduate (PGD, Masters and P.hD), Undergraduate, Certificate, Diploma courses/programmes offered at Mekelle University, Ethiopia that has gained accreditation.

Mekelle University Courses Offered

There are several Program offered at Mekelle University. After going through the under-listed available Program, you can check the Admission Entry Requirements Here.

  • Doctoral Program

College/ Institute Department/School 3rd degree
EiT-M School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering ·     Energy
CNCS Earth Sciences ·      Hydrogeology
Biology ·      Biology(Ecology)
. PhD in Aquatic and Fish  Ecology
.  PhD in Animal Ecology
·    PhD in Environment and Ecolog
·    PhD in Microbial Ecology
·    PhD in Plant Ecology
Sport Sciences ·      Sport Science
·      Sport Management
·      Exercise Physiology
CHS Nursing ·    PhD in Nursing
·    PhD in Clinical Research
School of Public Health ·      Public Health
CDANR Land Resources Management and Environmental Protection Soil Science
Dry Land Crop and Horticulture Science Plant Breading and Seed Systems
Natural Resource Economics and Management Climate Change and Rural Development
CSSL History and Heritage Management Hsitory and Cultural Studies
ICS Climate and Food Systems
Climate and Forest Resources

Students Enrolled All Ethiopian and Foreigner Postgraduate Programme by Institution, Band, Department

College/ Institute Department/ School Department/School  

2nd degree

EiT-M 1 School of Architecture and Urban Planning ·Urban Planning and Development
2 School of Civil Engineering .  Irrigation and drainage engineering

·  Construction Technology and Management

· Hydraulics Engineering
· Road and Transportation Engineering
· Structural Engineering
· Geo technical Engineering
3 School of Electrical and Computer Engineering · Computer Engineering
· Communication Engineering
· Electrical Power Engineering
· Control and Instrumentation Engineering
4 School of Mechanical and industrial Engineering · Mechatronics
·  Product design and development (PDD)
·Thermo fluid engineering
· Energy technology
·    Kaizen (quality and productivity improvement)
·  Manufacturing and Materials engineering
· Quality engineering and management
5 School of Computing ·      Computer Science
Statistics Students at EiT-M

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CNCS 6 Biology ·      MSc Degree in Botanical Biology
·      MSc Degree in Zoological Biology
·      MSc Degree in Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries
 ·      MSc Degree in Biology (For upgrading of Ethiopian preparatory school Teachers)
7 Chemistry ·      Organic Chemistry
·      Physical Chemistry
·      Analytical Chemistry
·      Inorganic Chemistry
8 Earth Sciences ·      Applied Economic Geology
·      Applied Hydrogeology
·      Applied Engineering Geology
·      Applied Mining Geology
·      Applied Structural Geology
·      Environmental Geosciences
9 Mathematics ·      Applied Mathematics
·      Pure Mathematics
10 Physics ·      Condensed Matter Physics
·      Space Physics
·      Computational  Physics
·      Plasma Physics
·      Radiation Physics
·      Quantum Physics
11 Sport Sciences ·      Sport Management
·      Athletics
·      Sport Psychology
·      Exercise Physiology
·      Football Coaching
·      Physical Education (S)
Statistics Students at CNCS

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CHS 12 Midwifery ·      Clinical Midwifery
·      Midwifery Education
13 Nursing ·      Pediatric and Child Health
·      Adult Health Nursing
·      Maternal and Reproductive Health Nursing
14 Pharmacy ·      Pharmaceutical Analysis and QA
·      Pharmacology
·      Pharmacognosy
·      Pharmaceutics
15 Biomedical ·      Microbiological and Immunology
·     Human Anatomy
·      Parasitology
16 Medicine ·      General Physiotherapy
·      Emergency Surgery Gynaecology Obstetrics
17 School of Public Health ·      Management for Hospital Administration
·      General Public Health
·      Biostatics and Health Informatics
·      Public Health Nutrition
·      Monitoring and Evaluation
·      Reproductive Health
·      Hospital and Health Care Administration
·      Field Epidemiology
Statistics Students at CHS

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CDANR 18 Land Resources Management and Environmental Protection ·      Tropical Land Resources Management
·      Dry land Agro-forestry and Land Rehabilitation
·      Land Administration
·      Soil Science
·      Green Development and Carbon Management
19 Dry Land Crop and Horticulture Science ·      Dry Land Agronomy
·      Plant Protection
·      Horticulture
20 Animal, Rangeland and Wildlife Science Livestock Production and Pastoral Development
21 Natural Resource Economics and Management Agro-ecology and Sustainable Development
22 Rural Development and Agricultural Extension Rural Development
Statistics Students at CDANR

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CVM 23 Veterinary Medicine ·      Zoonoses and Food Safety
·      Tropical Veterinary Medicine
·      Veterinary Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging
·      Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetric
·      Veterinary Clinical Laboratory Science
Statistics Students at CVM

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CBE 24 Accounting and Finance ·      Finance and Investment
·      Accounting and Auditing
25 Marketing Marketing Management
26 Cooperatives Studies ·      Community Development and Leadership
·      Cooperative Marketing
·      Banking and Rural Finance
27 Management ·      Development Studies
·      Business Administration
28 Economics Economics
Statistics Students at CBE

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CSSL 29 Ethiopian Languages and Literature ·      Applied linguistics in Teaching Amharic
30 Foreign Languages ·      English Literature
·     Teaching Engl;ish as a Foreign Language ( TEFL)
31 Geography and Environmental Studies ·      Geography and Environmental Studies (GIS and Remote Sensing)
·      Geography and Environmental Studies (Land Resource Mangement)
·      Geography and Environmental Studies (Regional and Urban Development Planning)
32 History and Cultural Studies ·      History with special Focuse on Local and Regional History of the Horn of Africa
·      History with special Focuse on Modern and Contemporary History of the Horn of Africa
33 Psychology ·      Social Work
34 Tigrigna ·      Teaching Tigrigna Language (TeTL)
35 Music Arts ·      Ethnomusicology
36 Sociology ·     MA Sociology
Statistics Students at CSSL
CLG 37 Civics and Ethical Studies Civics and Ethical Studies
38 Political Science and Strategic Studies ·      Peace and Security
·      Political economy
·     Foreign Policy and diplomacy
39 Law School ·      Natural Resource Governance
·      Tax Law
·      Constitutional Law
·      Alternative Dispute Resolution
·      Taxation and Investment
·      Legislative Studies and Legal Drafting
·      Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
·      International Human Right Law
Statistics Students at CLG
IPHC 40 Heritage Conservation ·      Heritage Buildings Conservation Management
·      Tourism Development
·      Archaeology and Heritage Management
41 Anthropology ·    Environmental Anthropology
·    Medical Anthropology
   · Developmental Anthropology
·      Paleoenvironment
Statistics Students at IPHC
IPS 42 Educational Planning and Management ·    Educational Planning and Management
·    School leadership
Statistics Students at IPS
ICS 43 ICS ·      Climate affairs
·      Climate Science
Statistics Students at ICS
IEGDS 44 IEGDS ·      Gender and Development Studies
Statistics Students at IEGDS
IGIEOS 45 IGIOS ·     Water Resources and Watershed Management
·      Geo-informatics
Statistics Students at IGIEOS
IPoSt 46 IPoSt ·      Population and Development
Statistics Students at IPoSt
IWE 47 IWE ·      Integration Engineering and Management
·      Integrated River Basin Management
.  Irrigation Engineering and Management
Statistics Students at IWE


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