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List of Programs Offered at Bahir Dar University


The Official List of Programs Offered at Bahir Dar University | Bahir Dar University (BDU) Programs offered for admission. This is the list of available Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Diploma and certificate courses/programmes offered at the institution.

List of Programs Offered at Bahir Dar University

Are you looking for the list of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program available at the Bahir Dar University? The following is the list of available Postgraduate (PGD, Masters and P.hD), Undergraduate, Certificate, Diploma courses/programmes offered at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia that has gained accreditation.

Bahir Dar University (BDU) Programmes Offered

There are several Program offered at Bahir Dar University. After going through the under-listed available Program, you can check the Admission Entry Requirements Here.

No Bachelor Postgraduate Diploma Special certificate Masters Medical Doctors Doctor of Philosophy(PhD)
1 Accounting and Finance Maritime Engineering General Surgery Accounting and Finance Medicine Educational Psychology
2 Adult Education and Community Development PGDT   Agronomy   Integrated Water Resources Management
3 Agricultural Economics     Animal Genetics and Breeding   Material Science
4 Animal Production and Technology     Animal Production   Physics
5 Applied Human Nutrition     Apiculture   Soil Science
6 Architecture     Biology (Biomedicine, Botany, Microbiology, Zoology   Teaching English as a Foreign Language
7 Biology     Business and Corporate Law    
8 Chemical Engineering     Chemical Engineering    
9 Chemical Engineering Stream in Sugar Technology     Chemistry (Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical    
10 Chemistry     Communication Engineering    
11 Civic and Ethical Studies     Computer Science    
12 Civil Engineering     Construction Management    
13 Computer Engineering     Criminal Justice and Human Rights    
14 Computer Science     Curriculum Studies    
15 Computer and Electrical Engineering     Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Development    
16 Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Development     Economics



17 Earth Science     Educational Leadership    
18 Economics     Educational Planning and Management    
19 Educational Planning and Management     Educational Psychology    
20 Electrical Engineering     Engineering Hydrology    
21 English Language and Literature     Environmental Engineering    
22 Ethiopian Language(s) and Literature-Amharic     Environment and Land Law    
23 Fashion Design     Fisheries and Wetlands Management    
24 Fisheries, Wetlands and Wildlife Management     Food Technology    
25 Folklore /Cultural Studies     Garment Engineering    
26 Food Technology and Process Engineering     Gender and Development Studies Program    
27 Garment Engineering     Geography and Environmental Studies    
28 Geography and Environmental Studies     Geo-Information    
29 Governance and Development Studies     Geotechnical Engineering    
30 History and Heritage Management     History    
32 Industrial Chemistry   Horticulture    
33 Industrial Engineering     Hydraulic Engineering    
34 Information System     Integrated Water Resources Management    
35 Information Technology     Land Administration and Management.    
36 Journalism and Communications     Land Resources Management    
37 Land Administration     Linguistics    
37 Law     Linguistics    
38 Leather Engineering     Management    
39 Logistics and Supply Chain Management     Manufacturing Engineering    
40 Management     Marketing Management    
41 Manufacturing Engineering     Material Science    
42 Marketing Management     Material Science    
43 . Material Science     Mechanical Design Engineering    
44 Mechanical Engineering     Media and Communication    
45 Mid-Carrier Agricultural Extension     Physics    
46 Midwifery     Plant Breeding    
47 Natural Resources Management     Power System Engineering    
48 .Nursing     Process Engineering    
49 Physics     Production Engineering and Management    
50 Plant Sciences     Public health    
51 Psychology     Social Psychology    
52 Rural Development     Sport Science in Athletics    
53 School Psychology     Sport Science in Basketball    
54 Social Anthropology     Sport Science in Football    
55 Special Needs and Inclusive Education     Sport Science in Handball    
56 Sport Science     Sport Science in Volleyball    
57 Statistics     Structural Engineering    
58 Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies     Sustainable Energy Engineering    
59 Textile and Apparel Merchandizing     Teaching Amharic    
60 Textile Engineering     Teaching English as a Foreign Language    
61 Tourism and Hotel Management     Textile Chemistry    
62 TVET in Garment Engineering     Textile Manufacturing    
63 TVET in Textile Engineering     Textile Technology    
64 Vehicle Engineering     Thermal Engineering    
65 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering     Tropical Animal Nutrition    
66 Water Resources and Irrigation Management          
67 Water Resources Engineering          


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