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Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Application 2024


Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Application 2024: Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Application 2024 Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Online Admission is out for Application.

All Applicants who need financial assistance must submit their applications on the NSFAS online application system.


In this Page, You’ll find a breakdown on how to apply to the Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Application below.  We’ve Brought instructions about Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Application process AND the hard copy application.

The management of Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) has released 2024 Application. Check for more information about Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Application Dates as We proceed.
Note: Make sure You meet the requirements before For Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) applications, to avoid forfeiting your efforts. The requirements varies from one to another.

Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Application 2024

The Institution has prepared a portal to enable candidates apply easily online. Start with the steps listed below to begin the application process for 2024. Check also the list of Universities in South Africa Applications that are still open

  • Go to the Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Portal via
  • Check the link texts for the one that has to do with applying
  • Click on it to start your application
  • Good luck with the Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) School Application 2024

Medi-Clinic Learning Centre (Tygervalley) Program Entrance Requirements and Application Instructions

Admission to the Nursing program is competitive. There are program entrance requirements that must be completed by the application deadline.  Approximately 50 students will be accepted to the Nursing program each fall, based on clinical site availability.

Program Entrance Requirements

  1. Proof of graduation from high school or a high school equivalency diploma (formerly known as GED).
  2. Completion of Algebra, Biology and Chemistry per description below by the application deadline of January 10, 2024. Students may fulfill these requirements by completing high school courses (taken within five years post graduation i.e. if you graduated in 2015 or later you can use high school courses for fall 2024 entrance), college courses* or a combination of both. The most recent class grade will be used to fulfill the program entrance requirements. In addition, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 (85%) is required. The most recent transcript will be used to determine the cumulative GPA.
  3. TEAS Test taken within two years of the application date of January 10, 2024. The TEAS test can only be taken twice in a twelve-month period. A repeat attempt may not be earlier than 45 days. Test attempts at other testing sites will count as an attempt. Scores of second attempt prior to 45 days will not be accepted.  FM requires a TEAS minimum score at the proficient level in order to be admitted into the program.  If you do not meet the TEAS cut score, you must retake the entire TEAS test.


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