Jimma University List of All Programmes 2024/19 Acedemic session is Out

Jimma University List of All Programmes 2024/19 Acedemic session is Out…The Jimma University, JU List of All Programmes has been released for the 2024 academic year.

The management of the Jimma University (JU) has released the names of All Programmes. undergraduate, sandwich, postgraduate, Masters, PhD programmes for the 2024 academic session.

List of All Programmes in Jimma University

Jimma University has a number of undergraduate, master’s and PhD degree programs. These programs are offered in different deciplines including Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Business, Social and Natural Sciences.

College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

PHD Program      

  1. PhD in  Horticulture
  2. PhD in  Plant Breeding
  3. PhD in  Plant Pathology
  4. PhD in Animal Nutrition
  5. PhD in Postharvest Technology

Masters Program

  1. Masters (MSc) in Horticulture
  2. Masters (MSc) in Agronomy
  3. Masters (MSc) in Plant breeding
  4. Masters (MSc) in Plant Pathology
  5. Masters (MSc) in Entomology
  6. Masters (MSc) in Plant Biotechnology
  7. Masters (MSc) in Industry Based Horticulture
  8. Masters (MSc) in Weed Science
  9. MSc in Animal Production
  10. MSc in Animal Breeding and Genetics
  11. MSc in Natural Resources Management ( with either watershed management or forest and nature conservation streams) [regular program]
  12. MSc in Soil Science [regular program]
  13. MSc in Natural Resources Management (Wildlife and Ecotourism Management) will be launched starting from September 2015 onwards
  14. MSc in  Natural Resources Management ( forest and nature conservation streams) [weekend program]
  15. MSc in Agribusiness and Value Chain Management
  16. MSc in Postharvest Management
  17. MSc in Epidemology
  18. MSc in Veterinary Public Health (MVPH)

Undergraduate Program

  1. Bachelor (BSc) in Horticulture
  2. Bachelor (BSc) in Plant Sciences
  3. Bachelor (BSc) in Sugarcane Agronomy
  4. BSc in Animal Sciences
  5. BSc in Natural Resources Management [in regular & Summer]
  6. BSc in Agricultural Economics
  7. BSc in Agribusiness and Value Chain management
  8. BSc in Agricultural Extension (Midcareer)
  9. BSc in Rural Development & Agricultural Extension
  10. BSc in Food Science and Postharvest Technology
  11. BSc in Animal Health
  12. DVM

College of Business and Economics
Masters program

Undergraduate program

Jimma Institute of Technology

 PhD Program

Masters Program

 Undergraduate program

College of Natural Science

PhD Program

Masters Program

Undergraduate Programs

  • (BSc, BEd) in Biology
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BSc in Mathematics
  • BSc in Physics
  • BSc in Sport Science(Regular, Summer)
  • BSc in Statistics
  • (BSc, BEd) in Mathematics

College of Health Sciences

A. Undergraduate Programs

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine/ Surgery
  • B. Pharm, Pharmacy
  • BSc, Nursing
  • BSc, Public Health Officer
  • BSc, Environmental Health Science
  • BSc, Anesthesia
  • BSc, Medical Laboratory
  • BSc, Cataract surgery
  • BSc, Midwifery
  • BSc, Neonatal Nursing
  • BSc, Operation Theatre Nursing

Coming Soon

  • BSc, Emergency and Intensive Care Nursing
  • BSc, Medical Radiology Technology
  • BSc, Physiotherapy

B. Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

  • Master of science in medical parasitology
  • Master of science in medical microbiology
  • Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory – Hematology
  • Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory – chemistry
  • Master of science in adult nursing
  • Master of science in maternity nursing
  • Master of science in environmental health science
  • Master of science in environmental technology
  • Master of science in medical physiology
  • Master of public health in health planning and health service management
  • Masters in hospital and health care administration
  • Masters in monitoring and evaluation of health programs
  • Master of Science in Health Economics
  • Master of Science in Management for Health Human Resource
  • Master of Science in Human Nutrition
  • Master of public health in reproductive health
  • Master of public health in health education and promotion
  • Master of public health in epidemiology
  • Master of general public health
  • Master of science in integrated emergency obstetric and general surgery
  • Master of science in clinical pharmacy
  • Master of Science in Medicine Supply chain
  • Master of Science in Drug Quality Management
  • Master of science in clinical and community psychiatry
  • Specialty certificate in internal medicine
  • Specialty certificate in surgery
  • Specialty certificate in gynecology and
  • Specialty certificate in pediatrics and child health
  • Specialty certificate in ophthalmology
  • Specialty certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Specialty Certificate in operative dentistry and Endodontics
  • Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics
  • Specialty certificate in Radiology
  • Specialty certificate in Clinical Pathology
  • Specialty certificate in Anesthesiology
  • Specialty Certificate in Psychiatry
  • PhD in Ecology
  • PhD in Environmental Health
  • PhD in Human Nutrition
  • PhD in Tropical and Infectious Disease
  • Subspecialty certificate in Plastic surgery

Coming Soon

  • Subspecialty certificate in pediatric surgery
  • Subspecialty certificate in Pediatric Oncology
  • Subspecialty certificate in traumatology 
  • Subspecialty certificate in Gastroenterology
  • Subspecialty certificate in Nephrology
  • Subspecialty certificate in Cardiology
  • Subspecialty certificate in Laparoscopy
  • Masters of Science in Anatomy
  • Masters of Science in Biochemistry

College of Social Science and Humanities
Masters program

  • MA in TEFL (english)
  • Master of Arts in History
  • MA in History and Heritage
  • MA in Engish Literature
  • Master Of Arts Degree In Oromo Language And Literature Teaching
  • MA in Applied Linguistics and Ethiopian Language and Cultural Studies

Undergraduate program

  • BEd in Geography and Environmental Studies
  • BA in Sociology
  • BA in English
  • B.Ed. Degree in Afan Oromo
  • BA in Ethiopian Language(s) & Literature -Amharic
  • BA in Oromo Folklore and Literature
  • BA in History

College of Education and Behavioural Sciences

Masters Program

  • MA in Educational Leadership (in regular and summer program)
  • MA in Curriculum and Instruction
  • MA in Counseling Psychology
  • MA in Educational Psychology
  • MA in school leadership

Undergraduate Program

  • BA in Educational Planning and Management (in regular ,summer and distance program)
  • BA in Psychology

Pedagogical Certification Programs

  • Diploma in Teaching Physics
  • Diploma in Teaching Chemistry
  • Diploma in Teaching English
  • Diploma in Teaching Civics
  • Diploma in Teaching Afan Oromo
  • Diploma in Teaching Sport Science
  • Diploma in Teaching Mathematics
  • Diploma in Teaching Biology

Other Training

  • Instructional Skills
  • Continuous Assessment
  • Active Learning and Teaching Approach
  • Module Writing Training
  • English Language Skills for Academic and non-Academic Staffs
  • Instructional Time and Classroom Management
  • Action Research and its Roles
  • Continues Professional Development


College of Law and Governance

Masters Program

  • LL.M in Commercial and Investment Law
  • LL.M in Human Rights and Criminal Law
  • MA in Governance and Development Studies

Undergraduate Program

  • LLB in Law
  • BA in Governance and Development Studies

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