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Full List Colleges in Ethiopia


List of Colleges in Ethiopia & Courses Offered 2020/2021

See the most comprehensive list of accredited Colleges in Ethiopia which offers divers Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Graduate Courses.

Check below for the list of all the accredited Colleges in Ethiopia. The list contains Colleges in Ethiopia, including Universities of Technology, higher education institutions, Universities of Agriculture and Universities of Education and the courses offered by each of them.

List of Colleges in Ethiopia

This page is the most comprehensive Information database of Public and Private universities and colleges in Ethiopia, enabling your access to over 1,000 academic programs throughout  Ethiopia.
You can browse over our universities in the Ethiopia by field of study, degree level and location.

Public Registered Colleges Institutions in Ethiopia

    • Addis Continental Public Health Institute
    • Admas University
    • Africa Beza College
    • Africa Health Science College
    • Alkan Health Science College
    • Alpha University College
    • Atlas Health College
    • Ayer Tena Health Science College
  • B
    • Belay Zeleke Health College
    • Ben Meskerem College
    • Bethel Medical College
    • Biya College
    • Blue Nile College
  • C
    • Central Health College
    • Chilalo Health Science and Technology College
    • CPU Business and Computer Technology College
  • D
    • Dandi Boru College
    • Dangila Andinet Health Science College
    • Debub Ethiopia College
    • Durman College
    • Dynamic International University College(Andinet International University College)
  • E
    • ECUSTA Higher Learning Institute
    • Ethio Lence College
    • Ethio Lence College
    • Ethiopian Adventist College
    • Ethiopis Distance Education College
  • F
    • Fekede Egzi College
    • Finote Selam College
    • Fura College
  • G
    • Gabist College
    • Gage College
    • Gambi College of Medical Science
    • Genius- Land
    • Gofa College
    • Gotoniyal
  • H
    • Hamlin College of Midwifery
    • Harambe College
    • Harar Agro Technical and Technology College
    • Harar Health Science College
    • Hawassa Health Science College
    • Hayat Medical College
    • Hayome Medical College
    • HiLCoE School of Computer Science and Technology College
    • Hope College
  • I
    • Infolink College
    • International Leadership Institute
    • International Leadership Institute (in collaboration with University of Greenwich (UK))
  • J
    • jigdan
    • Jigdan
    • Joint Vision College
  • K
    • Kea Med Medical College
  • L
    • Lead Star International Academy
    • Lucy College
  • M
    • Medco Bio-Medical College
    • Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership College
    • Micro Business College
    • Microlink Information Technology College
    • Mishquen College
    • Myungsang Medical College
  • N
    • National College
    • Network
    • New Generation University College
    • New Global Vision College
    • New Millenium College
    • Nile College
  • O
    • Omega Health College
    • Oromiya Public Service College
  • P
    • Paradise Valley College
    • PESC Information Systems College
    • Pharma Health Science College
    • Poly Institute of Technology
  • R
    • Rhobot Medical College
    • Rift Valley University
    • Royal College
  • S
    • Sante Medical College
    • Seamless College of Distance Education
    • Selam Nursing College
    • Selihom School of Nursing
    • Sheba University College
    • Sodo Christian Hospital in Collaboration with Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS)
    • Soloda Health and Technology College
    • SRI SAI College
    • St. Lideta Health Science College
    • St. Mary Univetrsity
    • Summit College
  • T
    • Tech Zone Engineering and Business College
    • Top College
    • Tropical Health College
  • U
    • Unity University
    • Universal Medical College
    • US College
  • V
    • Victory College
  • W
    • Western Star College
    • Western University College / Care Development and Services / in collaboration with Lincoln University (USA)
  • Y
    • Yardstick International College of Distance Education
    • Yom
  • Z
    • Zemen development and management college
    • Zion College



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