Can NSFAS Bursary Holders Apply For The SASSA SRD Grant

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Can those who receive an NSFAS bursary submit a SASSA SRD application and be approved?

The answer is no, NSFAS bursary holders do not qualify for the R350 grant.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has stated that only unemployed people who have no form of income and receive no other government grant can apply for the R350 grant.

However, SASSA has clarified that this does not mean that SASSA grant beneficiaries cannot apply for NSFAS funding.

If you are currently funded by NSFAS, you do not qualify for the R350 Social Relief Grant. Furthermore, NSFAS does not take the R350 grant into account when processing applications for funding as such a grant does not form part of the eligibility criteria for the NSFAS Bursary

Who is eligible to apply for the R350 Grant?

  • South African citizens
  • Permanent residents
  • Refugees
  • Asylum seekers
  • Holders of special permits from Angola, Lesotho, Zimbabwe who are unemployed
  • People who have no source of income or financial support from other sources
  • Above the age of 18 and below 60 years
  • Caregivers who are not receiving any grant on their own behalf may also apply for the Special Covid-19 SRD grant
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