Boston City Campus and Business College Exams Result 2024

BCCBC Exams Result 2024 – How to Check BCCBC Exams Result in 2024. The Boston City Campus and Business College, BCCBC Examination Results for 2024 has been released.

This is to inform all those candidates that participated in the Boston City Campus and Business College (BCCBC) Examination 2024 that they can now check their results.

You can now access your 2024 BCCBC Exams Result via SMS or ONLINE. Kindly follow the steps outlined below to access your BCCBC Exams Result score.

How to Check BCCBC Exams Result 2024

Examination period Date of release
January / February 2024 13 March 2024
May / June 2024 20 July 2024
October / November 2024 28 December 2024
  • Final examination result letters will be printed and mailed to students on the dates above.
  • Final examination results will be released as they become available on myUnisa.
  • No results will be released to a candidate before he / she has returned all books borrowed from the University Library and settled any outstanding fees.
  • No results will be given telephonically by academic or administrative members of staff .
  • No timetables for supplementary exams will be made available if fees or Library books are owed.

Exam results are made available on following platforms:

  1. E-mail: Register on myUnisa and indicate that you would like to receive your results via e-mail.
  2. Posted: Hard copies of examination results are mailed to each candidate after the official date of release/printing.

Steps on how to Check BCCBC Exams Result 2024

Go to BCCBC Exams Result portal

Please note: 

Confirmation of completion of qualification: Please note that confirmation of completion of qualifications for students who wrote examinations in

  • January / February 2024 will be made available as from the end of April 2024.
  • May / June 2024 will be made available as from the end of August 2024.
  • October / November 2024 will be made available as from the end of January 2024.

Unisa has started releasing the May/June 2024 exam results on a staggered basis. Modules for which results have been finalised will be released as soon as they are completed. The university will make every effort to adhere to the release date of 27 July 2024.

The university rescheduled some modules during this exam period, due to technical challenges, and these exams are taking place during the period 8 to 16 July 2024.

There may be some delays in the release of exam results for modules written during the second half of the exam period, especially those exams written during the extended period of 8 to 16 July 2024.

We are making every effort to ensure that all exam results are released as soon as possible.

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