2018/2019 Urban Planning College (Ecole) Programs/Courses for Academic year | Check Urban Planning College (Ecole) Full Admission.

Urban Planning College (Ecole) Programs/Courses for Academic year 2018/2019 | Check Urban Planning College (Ecole) Full Admission.

Urban Planning College (Ecole) Programs/Courses 2018… Urban Planning College (Ecole) first and second Programs/Courses for the 2018/2019 academic session are out. See more details below;

Are you aware that Wachamo University has officially released her highly anticipated Urban Planning College (Ecole) 2018/2019 provisional Programs/Courses, which contains the names of all candidates, successfully admitted into the academic institution for the 2018/2019 academic session.

Urban Planning College (Ecole) Programs/Courses 2018

Department/School/Center: Urban and Regional Planning

Program title: B.Sc. Degree in Urban and Regional Planning

Program duration (in years): Five for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 301

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective – modern Urban and Regional Planning arose in response to specific social and economic problems triggered off by the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 18th century. In the evolution of urban planning theory in England (which also applies to many of the western world despite time difference), Hall (1992) identified three different stages. The first, developed from the earliest times down to the mid-1960s and well exemplified in the early development plans coming after the 1947 town and country planning act, could be called the Master Plan or blue print era. The second phase, that ushered in from about 1960, and replaced the first approach through the planning advisory group of 1965 and the 1968 town and country planning act, could be called the system view of planning. The last phase was where planning was considered as continuous participation. This phase, which began to evolve in the late 1960s and the 1970s, is more heterogeneous and more diffuse; it may be labeled the idea of planning as continuous participation in conflict. Each planning approach as Rodriguez (1988: 37) indicated was a response to a shift in political attitudes and economic circumstances, and, to a lesser extent, a reflection of evolving ideas within planning itself.

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Admission requirements – the department shall admit between 50 and 100 students depending on current capacity. The candidates should successfully complete the preparatory program (10+2) and pass an entrance examination given by the department.

Graduation requirement

  • Take modules/courses equivalent to 300ECTS
  • CGPA and MGPA of at least 2.00, and
  • No ‘F’ grade in any course/module taken.

List of Modules/Courses

Module Name Module Code Course Name Course Code Module ECTS
Applied Engineering Mathematics URPL-M1014 Applied Mathematics Math1041 5
Basic English Skills EnLa-M1013 Communicative English skills EnLa 1011 5
Basic Writing Skills EnLa 1012 5
Civics & Ethics CESt-M1023 Civics & Ethics CESt 1023 5
Sketching, drafting and descriptive geometry URPL-M1023 Sketching, Drafting and Descriptive Geometry I URPL1021 5
Sketching, Drafting and Descriptive Geometry II URPL1022 4
Computer Aided Design URPL-M1033 AutoCAD I URPL1031 4
AutoCAD II URPL1032 3
Geo Information System URPL-M2043 GIS I URPL2041 3
Surveying & photogrammetry URPL-M2053 Advanced Model Making URPL2051 2
Surveying & photogrammetry I URPL3052 4
Surveying & photogrammetry II URPL3053 4
Basic Architectural Design URPL-M1061 Basic Architectural Design I URPL1061 6
Basic Architectural Design II URPL1062 5
Resource Management URPL-M1071 Energy & Water Resource Management URPL1071 2
Soil Vegetation & Protected area Conservation URPL2072 2
Introduction to the City URPL-M1081 Introduction to the City & Urban Planning URPL1081 5
Theories & Techniques in Urban Planning URPL-M1091 Theory of the approaches of Urban planning URPL1091 4
Methods & Techniques in Urban Planning URPL2092 3
Principles of urban & Regional planning URPL2093 3
Urban & Regional Planning Strategies URPL-M3101 Appropriate Planning strategies for Developing Territories URPL3101 4
Urban and regional development strategies URPL4101 5
Elements of Urban Planning URPL-M3111 Urban& Regional Planning & Mobility URPL3111 3
Real estate in urban and regional planning URPL4112 3
Design of urban and regional nodes URPL4113 4
Laws Affecting Urban & Regional Planning URPL-M3121 Legal Base of Urban & Regional Planning URPL3121 4
Ethiopian policies on the urban reality URPL4122 3
Urban Housing URPL-M4131 Urban Housing URPL4131 5
History of the Morphology of Cities URPL-M1141 History of Morphology of Cities I URPL1141 2
History of Morphology of Cities II URPL2141 3
Morphology & Transformation of City forms URPL-M2151 Morphology & Transformation of City forms URPL2151 3
Planning & Conservation of older urban Forms URPL3152 4
Urban Economics URPL-M2161 Introduction to Economics URPL2161 2
Urban Economics URPL2162 2
Municipal Finance URPL3163 2
Urban Sociology URPL-M3171 Introduction to Urban Sociology URPL2171 2
Urban Sociology I URPL2172 2
Urban Sociology II URPL3172 3
Urban Environmental Management I URPL-M2181 Management of the Urban Environment URPL2181 2
Ecosystem Management URPL3182 2
Project I URPL-M1191 Integrated urban Project I( basic urban design) URPL1191 4
Project II URPL-M2201 Integrated urban Project II (urban design) URPL2201 12
Integrated urban Project III (neighborhood design using GIS) URPL2202 12
Project III URPL-M3211 Integrated urban Project IV (extension of an existing city planning) URPL3211 12
Integrated urban Project V( urban redevelopment using GIS ) URPL3212 12
Project V URPL-M4221 Integrated urban Project VI (housing and inner city redevelopment) URPL4221 12
Integrated urban Project VII (development strategies for small town using GIS) URPL5222 12
Internship URPL-M4231 UIL URPL4231 30
Landscape Design URPL-M3241 Introduction to Landscape Design URPL3241 3
Urban Landscape planning URPL5242 3
Urban Environnemental Management II URPL-M4251 Urban Ecology URPL4251 4
Environmental assessment URPL4252 5
Urban Governance and Management URPL-M5261 Urban Governance and Management I URPL5261 3
Urban Governance and Management II URPL5262 4
Quality management &Capacity building management URPL-M5273 Quality Management URPL5271 2
Capacity Building Management URPL5272 3
Urban Infrastructure URPL3273 3
Entrepreneurship URPL5274 3
Research methods in social science URPL-M5283 Methods of project formulation and research with case studies URPL5281 2
Stakeholder Participation in city planning URPL5282 3
Thesis URPL-M5291 Thesis URPL5291 15
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